Clean Slate [v1.0.2 Hotfix] By mugwump

mugwump Games released a new game called Clean Slate and the version is 1.0.2 Hotfix. The game’s story is about You are given a chance to start your life over with a clean slate — but even your gender is up for grabs and if you don’t play your cards right you might end up with a future you never imagined possible. This is a sandbox game and while there will (eventually) be a main story line for the most part you’re just supposed to explore the environment without guided direction.

File Size:1.82 GB
Version:1.0.2 Hotfix
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Game Version Changelog:

v1.0.2 Hotfix

  • minor bug fixes in various spots
  • remaining NPC images have been added for all races/body types/hair color/age range
  • Fortune Teller Gift update
    • the gender swap power she gives you can now be used on any non-story NPC:
      • initial flirting conversations
      • on a date
      • chatting with your roommate at home
  • Generic Home Update
    • added gender-typed bedrooms for NPCs
    • the bedroom images moved so if you currently live in a generic apartment the NPC bedrooms won’t have images. Move to a new apartment to regenerate the bedroom images
  • Boobie Bungalow update
    • When you get a lapdance from a stripper you can pay her to keep it going instead of just a one-song dance
    • do it enough times and get special VIP Room offer
  • New Trait: Itty Bitty Committee
    • Spoilers in forums
  • Fortune Teller Relic update
    • The Fortune Teller has a new relic she wants you to get, and an accompanying new quest location for her relics
    • use the “Seed Relic” option in the cellphone on existing games to add the new relic to your game world
    • Spoilers in forums
  • Misc
    • Some updates for Scott’s Mom and the Vampire mansion quest, but both are probably still a bit glitchy.
    • the “Genie” story arc should be fully playable, but it still needs some dialog text in a few spots and maybe some media images.

Developer Notes:

Due to the amount of new content, it is strongly advised that you start a new game. However, in the phone settings is a “Regenerate NPCs” option to generate the new NPCs. This should *NOT* impact any existing NPC that you’ve already interacted with, and should resolve most issues for the new content. **NO PROMISES FOR BROKEN GAMES ON OLD SAVES**

explanation of image packs:

  • Main Media File – v0.2.12 — this includes all media from initial version to 0.2.12 If you feel you missed something ealier it should be in this pack.
  • Images File – v0.2.13 — includes new images with latest release

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