Zoctongo: AmberBB [v0.9.4] By Zoctongo

Zoctongo Games released a new game called Zoctongo: AmberBB and the version is 0.9.4. The game’s story is about “Make a woman happy” “The game is a platform for future projects”

File Size:268.0 MB
OS:Windows, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.9.4 :coffee:
Part 3 (v7)

  • added an intro ((another intro, played once at the start of the game))
  • ending number 7

Developer Notes:

Visit my Patreon or Discord to keep up with the news!)”

H – full screen

You can play on your phone! But the video does not work, so to fully familiarize with the game will have to play through the PC
But in the future I will try to solve this problem! (Or is it just me this problem).

Game Images & Screenshots

Part 1 / 2
Win x64

Part 3

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