Your Wife’s Unfaithful Routine [Final] By Heisendou

Heisendou Games released a new game called Your Wife’s Unfaithful Routine and the version is Final. The game’s story is about Manipulating your wife to cheat on you, or manipulating your husband to spy on your wife’s unfaithfulness. You want your wife, Miwa Kitagawa, to be cuckolded by another man. And if possible, I sincerely wish to take a peek at her wife’s unfaithful act. On the other hand, your wife also wants to play with a man other than her husband and wants to be satisfied with the sex. Manipulate her husband and wife and fulfill their desires.

This game is a game that explores the map and looks for H events. During the daytime on weekdays, the wife is manipulated into having an affair with a man other than her husband, and on weekday nights and weekends, the husband is manipulated to peek at the wife who is enjoying the affair. It’s a game with no difficulty, so please feel free to enjoy it.

File Size:303.8 MB
game details

Developer Notes:

●Voice material
: Tiger Lily/cv: Mr. Ryo Kiyoshi
●25 CG + standing pictures, etc.
●Event scene recollection mode and CG viewing mode available (can be used as the game progresses)

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