XenoLinks [v0.01a Fix4] By Kou’Yen Side

Kou’Yen Side Games released a new game called XenoLinks and the version is 0.01a Fix4. The game’s story is about XenoLinks is an Isekai Harem game, the main character wakes up in the middle of nowhere and must survive in a fantastical world with huge-breasted women.​

Developer:Kou’Yen Side
File Size:549 MB
Version:0.01a Fix4
OS:Windows, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.01a Fix4
Initial release

Developer Notes:

This is 1st and a very short test playing form our work, and I’m hope guys enjoy it !


  • The main character have 3 girls. (in this ver 0.01a will only have 1)
  • Have Cycle Day and Night, each time will have different events and the stories.
  • You can decide choose the path will affect the game end !
  • Only sex can levelling up the character go stronger. (in this ver 0.01a Not Added Yet)
  • Doing the Quest earn the money and reward.
  • Have Life Skill like fishing ,cook and more. (in this ver 0.01a will only have 1 to playing)
  • Easter eggs


  • 8 girls Sub Character or more in the future.
  • All Main Character will have different clothes when complete the special quest.
  • Multiple paths 7 different endings.
  • 8 City map to visit.
  • Have own harem house.
  • Animated 2D NSFW scenes.
  • And more NSFW content.

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