Who Needs a Hero? [v2.2.0] By Henrique Faitta Chitolina, Pidro Soft

Henrique Faitta Chitolina, Pidro Soft Games released a new game called Who Needs a Hero? and the version is 2.2.0. The game’s story is about A weak and naked adventurer, venturing into the world of Grimar, seeking for fame, lots of gold and power! The journey begins in Grimar, a Kingdom that has lived in peace for years. Peaceful and wealthy, travelers all around the world pass by there every single day. Until one day someone with incredible magical powers began to control monsters around the Kingdom, forcing them to attack and destroy the city. Now you must find out who’s behind these attacks and start writing your own story about the greatest, wealthy and most famous warrior they’ve ever seen!

Developer:Henrique Faitta Chitolina, Pidro Soft
File Size:86.7 MB
game details

Game Features:

  • Choice Events: Choose between two answers, usually “Yes” or “No”. But choose wisely, these choices will directly affect your fame, gold, followers and story!​
  • Battle Events: Using the table RPG system, roll the dice to see who will win the battle. The more strength you have, the higher your chances of defeating the enemy. But beware, you have a life bar and once you die, it’s game over!​
  • Success and Failure Events: Test your luck! After choosing an action, you still need to have the luck to complete it. Your chance is presented as four shuffled cards representing rates of success or failure.​
  • Learn Skills: Answer events in the right order and learn skills during your journey. You never know when you will find a Treasure Chest and will need to open it, right?​
  • Events with Side Effects: Beware with the side effects, those can be good or bad. A few events can cause side effects depending on your choices. You never know when you’ll end up eating a blue mushroom by mistake, right?​
  • Followers Chat: The higher fame you hold, the more followers you will get. Yet It’s enough to keep an eye on what they are saying about you. If it’s great or bad, that I can’t know beforehand.​

Developer Notes:

IMPORTANT NOTE from the DEV: You, the real Heroes ask and I obbey! The DLC contain just a small content, but I’ll keep updating it. So TURN ON the boobs, support me if you can and enjoy a few hot and sexual images. Lov u all.

No more nudity censoring and no more clothes from:

  • Juliet
  • Princess
  • Helga
  • Mermaid
  • Handsome Orc and Drunks Wife
  • Executioner (His dick is just out of his underwear.)
  • New concept for Mushrooms enemies (They look like a dick now)
  • Customize your early naked hero, what size do you want?

Reach level 20 to learn “Mind Reading” skill and see their deepest and hot desires.

  • 10 Images with Explicit Sexual Acts.

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