White Album 2 Introductory & Closing Chapter + Specials [v1.0.0.2] By Leaf

Leaf Games released a new game called White Album 2 Introductory & Closing Chapter + Specials and the version is The game’s story is about As if to match the guitar I play in the afternoon music classroom. As if to match the piano someone plays in the next room. The pure singing voice from the rooftop connects the three disconnected melodies. It all started in such a day in late autumn. At that time, someone fell in love. Everyone was doing their best. Everyone pushed on. Everyone was intent and honest… We formed a bond and obtained a precious moment. That’s why someone fell in love. A love that was too late, a love that shouldn’t have occurred. And then comes winter. The falling snow covers all sins. And spring eventually comes, melting the snow and imposing all punishments.​

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