What Could Have Been [Prologue Episode 1 v0.2] By Kirito Xyronie

Kirito Xyronie Games released a new game called What Could Have Been [Prologue Episode and the version is Prologue Episode 1 v0.2. The game’s story is about You playing as Paul (Can be changed), a “regular” guy who was just recently fired from the work. After sulking for a while, he found a job with the most powerful family in the city and meets whole new people who are going to be working with him. Leaving something in the past, Paul doesn’t realize that what he left was catching up to him… and will endanger everyone whom he cherishes.

Developer:Kirito Xyronie
File Size:851.2 MB
Version:Prologue Episode 1 v0.2
OS:Windows, Linux, Android
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Prologue Episode 1 v0.2

  • 1000+ renders with 400+ additional ones.
  • Thousand more lines of Dialogue edited, added and refined.
  • Added 69 music and sound effects.
  • 12+ more scenes
  • Some early renders were edited and refined.
  • And no animations for now.. Sorry xD
  • Beginning of a great Adventure.

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