Wayfared [v0.35] By LostWisdom

LostWisdom Games released a new game called Wayfared and the version is 0.35. The game’s story is about The start of a new adventure. Where a young man eager for adventure will see just what the world has in store for him. From lost treasures to buxom women, guide him and reap the benefits. On an island secluded a joyful youth was spent playing and learning. As fate would have it however misfortune fell upon our hero as bad storm sunk his father’s ship. Some few years later a rumour that someone may have survived that sinking has spurned our hero from his comfy home to search for the truth. Will he find this lost person, or will he get caught up in the vast world. Find out as this wayfarer meets his destiny.

File Size:785.2 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
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Game Version Changelog:

Version 0.35

Version 0.34

  • 1 new scene (Hire a brothel worker and enjoy her.)
  • Remade Nueve, remade Veil Isle, which can be visited again once you’ve completed enough content on the mainland.
  • Implemented a day/night cycle. (Sleep in a bed to adjust the time from morning, day, noon, night. Still needs refinement.)
  • Updated some old character art, added alot of new art.
  • Updated Buff playercharacter art to match all available outfits.
  • Started SFW mode, in hopes that it’d help the game get shared. Not fully working so be careful if you turn it on.
  • Added a few new maps and npcs.
  • 1 new outfit for the party (Buy it off a merchant in the city northeast of Fort Soak.
  • Many many many minor bug fixes and content adjustments.
  • Alot has been changed, so expect bugs. I’m just hoping I caught the major ones.
  • I took a few months break to deal with irl stuff. Depending how reception goes I’ll either jump back in to dev full force or stop and put my efforts elsewhere. I’ve been doing the game for 2 years and I make 100 bucks a month off it. I can’t justify the time I’m putting in when I can earn more elsewhere in a day, on a good day. So I’m gonna really try hard to give it one more big push after this update is out. And we’ll see how things swing out from there.
  • As always, thank you to the patreon supporters.

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