Unravel 2 [Final] By DreamBig Games

DreamBig Games released a new game called Unravel 2 and the version is Final. The game’s story is about Unravel 2 is an adult-only game full of sexiness and sexual content. The game features 2 game modes: a story and a puzzle mode. This is a DEMO with about 35% of the content available in the full game available on Steam.

Developer:DreamBig Games
File Size:164.5 MB
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Developer Notes:

More about the game”]

  • 6 different stories, each containing 13 or more different images. The stories were written by The Unicorn and more of his works can be found here:
  • Rising difficulty: each story start from a 4×4 puzzle working up to a 10×10
  • Autosave. Once you have completed an image it will be saved as completed.
  • Image Galery: Once you have completed an image you will be able to see it there.
  • Story Mode: In story mode you can view and read the stories without completing the puzzles.
  • Score system: Completing each image gives you points, depending on the difficulty of the image.
  • HINT system: IF you are stuck, just use the HINT button, this will highlight the correct place for a selected puzzle. This comes at a price, each time you use it, 2 points will be deducted from the points you get for completing that image.
  • 7 chill soundtracks, picked for a nice, relaxing experience. If you like you can always stop the music in the Options Menu.
  • Translated to Japanese, Chinese, German, and French. Translations were done with machine translating tools.

For the best experience, I recommend playing the game in full-screen mode, as the images were created for 1080p resolutions.

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