Unexpected [v0.5 Ep. 2 – Part 2] By XPECTED

XPECTED Games released a new game called Unexpected and the version is 0.5 Ep. 2 – Part 2. The game’s story is about DELTA company has worked for years on a project that will make human life eternal. It promised to prevent people from dying biologically and to automatically repair organs that lost their function, at worst by replacing them with mechanized accents, making human life eternal. As a result, humanity would acquire a new dimension. But in this process, you betrayed the owner of the project, the most powerful and wealthy man in the city, and the company that aims to establish a new order in the world. And this man is your very own father, whom you hate… Why did you betray? Has your betrayal been successful? So why didn’t you allow it when humanity was going to gain a new dimension?

File Size:1.90 GB
Version:0.5 Ep. 2 – Part 2
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.5 (Episode 1 – Episode 2)

  • 1349 scenes in total.
  • 16 animations in total.
  • 320 music & sounds effects in total.

Developer Notes:

We have come to the end of a very difficult process. Yes, it’s been a very long time. But we never stopped improving ourselves. As you know, in this process, we quickly started a new game development business in order to have a better experience. We trust UNEXPECTED very much. That’s why we want to approach this project more carefully. And we want to work hard to get that rewarded.

We want UNEXPECTED to do well and reach more audiences. And we think we will achieve this by constantly updating the game. In this version, our plan together is to release continuous updates at intervals of 30-45 days with our current system and capacity. Some players know the first part. It was a version we brought with the Rework. But there were some incomprehensible parts of the story. We have made an additional intro for these and adapted the default intro to the first part of the game. We’ve also changed some scenes and trajectories for it. After a few edits, we will publish that section as soon as possible.

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