Uncle Vulvius’ House of Pleasure [v0.15.2] By CherrySock

CherrySock Games released a new game called Uncle Vulvius’ House of Pleasure and the version is 0.15.2. The game’s story is about Take charge of several beautiful sex slaves in a fantasy world. Teach them how to please men and earn more coins. Climb the career ladder to be entrusted with serving VIP clients. Learn personal stories of your proteges, patrons and staff. Discover their secrets and complete quests. Choose how you are going to treat the girls under your command. Will you prefer to be their friend or a cruel master?​

File Size:190.4 MB
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Game Version Changelog:


Main changes
1. UI is completely redone.
2. Version for Android
3. New save/load system. Now you can save manually (but not in training or discipline scenes). The game is still autosaves on time advance and on quitting.
4. Added backgrounds to all the rooms that have windows.
5. Added camera panning effect during dialogues (with parallax).
6. Added additional setting: Training Music Volume. It sets the music volume separately for training scenes and discipline.

Now what changed for UI besides visuals

1. During dialogues to advance forward you now should click directly on dialogue window or press Space/Enter. Previously it was enough to click anywhere or press any key. I made this change, cause now there might be other UI elements on screen during dialogues.
2. You can now hide the dialogue window by pressing the arrow down button.
3. You can now use number keys to select dialogue options.
4. Added new popup menu. You can see it by hovering the cursor in the top part of the screen. It contains the following buttons:
· Main menu. You can use it instead of pressing Esc.
· Hide UI. It hides all the UI elements. Press any key or click anywhere to bring it back.
· Quests. Shows the quests menu.
· Skip cutscene. Available during cutscenes. More on that later.
5. During cutscenes pressing Esc now shows the main menu. To skip a cutscene you need to use the button in popup menu.
6. In Clients Assignment menu if a slave is absent that night, it shows the reason for that in a tooltip.
7. It now shows the result of the previous session differently. To be honest I’m still not happy with that. I will have to improve it later.
8.In oral training the list of commands now works a bit differently. Instead of buttons appearing and disappearing, they now grey out when unavailable.
9. In Clients’ Assignment menu, when selecting a slave, it now highlights skills and features. Green – if she can perform it/has it, red – over wise.

Known issues

  1. There can be a lag when opening save or load menus if there are a lot of saves. Delete the old ones.
  2. When saving in Hub menu (the one where you select a location and advance time) it doesn’t capture the screenshot.
  3. Tooltips don’t work on Android for now.

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