Umichan Two Scoops [Final] By Vortex00

Vortex00 Games released a new game called Umichan Two Scoops and the version is Final The game’s story is about Maiko and Pattie in a bind, their boss asked them to sell ice cream at the beach but the boys are more interested in their bodies than cold deserts. Hmmm… maybe they can offer them something else instead? Will you have the girls cool them down? Or get ‘heated up’ instead? It’s your choice in Umichan Two Scoops! Help Maiko collect enough cash for her job. She can take ice cream cone orders from customers and make them but some clients prefer something “spicier” to taste. Maiko can indulge these customers for money, ice cream ingredients, or just for the fun of it! How will you help Maiko get paid?​

File Size:379.2 MB
game details

Developer Notes:

Feature list

  • 16 Fully animated sex animations across 6 scenes
  • Full gallery to replay the “action” whenever you like
  • Play around with Maiko’s “two scoops” with her pov control
  • Choose your “flavor” of action by earning money from who you want to
  • Savor the sweetness with the ice cream building minigame

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