Twists of My Life [v1.1.2] By Novel

Novel Games released a new game called Twists of My Life and the version is 1.1.2. The game’s story is about “Twists of My Life” – a visual novel where every decision you make can completely change the storyline. There’s no “game over” if you pick the wrong answer, in this game every choice you make will lead to different outcomes. All plotlines are intertwined. There are many beautiful, sweet, and sexy girls waiting for you. They will either love you or hate you… It is up to you. Everything’s in your hands, so to speak.

You are a student at a law school in the city “N”. You live a normal life, study, meet different people and etc. In short, you do what most people of your age do. At a certain moment, you get yourself into problems that cause the need to move and so the story begins. I work hard on the personality of characters and the emotional part of relationships between people. The sexual life of the main character hasn`t been left behind as well. All the scenes are written in a vivid, vivacious manner and strengthened by good graphics. You will meet different characters in the game. I try to make everyone special with their own personality, and habits, not just different models of DAZ.

File Size:1.31 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Alanna extended ending included
  • Soundtrack has been added into the game
  • By popular demand, a soundtrack has been added.
  • There are not too many tracks, only four. Unfortunately, we do not have time to deal with our old projects at all.
  • This game was first and as the first love, it means a lot to us and it will forever remain in our memory, like something light and warm. And it doesn’t matter that after a while, our first love no longer seems as dazzlingly beautiful as we saw it in our youth. She is the best, simply because she was the most sincere.


Game features:

  • A number of parallel evolving story lines
  • Beautiful graphics, which are constantly getting better each version
  • Animated sex scenes.
  • 15 different endings based on your choices.

Game Images & Screenshots

Android (x86) (v1.01): WORKUPLOAD – MIXDROP – PIXELDRAIN

Compressed Mac (v1.01) : MEGA – WORKUPLOAD

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