Trinity Fate [v0.1] By Lazy Gem

Lazy Gem Games released a new game called Trinity Fate and the version is 0.1. The game’s story is about You taking the role of “Aiden” the heir of one of the most important families in the country. Sadly, you get disowned by your father after deciding to follow your heart and marry one of the maids that worked in your home. You are allowed to go live in the “Farlands” so you and your new bride board a ship to get to your new home, but the travel might bring some surprises. From here on, it’s up to you to decide where your life will go.​

Developer:Lazy Gem
File Size:1.27 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Set in a fantasy alternative world, “Trinity Fate” is meant to be an open-world RPG with quests, events, and, of course, lots of adult content. It is player-choice based, which means that you will be able to decide how to approach different scenarios and situations. Branching paths and different outcomes await you here, so every playthrough will be unique in its own way. Watch the world and characters around you change depending on your decisions.


  • -An affection and perversion system for the main girls.
  • -Decision-based quests and different outcomes.
  • -Early stages turn-based battle system with RPG elements.
  • -Spider Web questing, meaning that some quests might slightly change depending on the order in which you decide (or not) to complete other quests.
  • -Adult content composed of both, images and animations for you to enjoy.
  • -60FPS animations.
  • -VOICED adult scenes and animations.
  • -Lots of fetishes integrated (more to come)


  • -Vanilla
  • -Voyeur
  • -Cheating
  • -Public
  • -NTR

Yes! In case you were wondering, you can avoid NTR for those of you that don’t like this kind of content. We just want that every type of player has the choice to enjoy the game in its own way.

Future Plans

Given the game is only Ver 0.1, this is only a small piece of what we are planning to have in the game. So, you could consider this version the prologue of the main story. What we are planning to add as the project grows it’s listed below;

  • Extensive combat system: We will work on having this feature as a main part of the game. Being an open-world RPG of course this has to get better, which means more weapons, armor, enemies, skills, items, etc.
  • Functional stores: During your adventures, you will need and get special items that you will be able to buy or sell to make your wealth grow.
  • Expanding the world: More Locations, More characters, new quests, and events, both for the main story and secondary ones.
  • More Fetiches: We want to have a variety of adult content for every kind of taste. We are planning to introduce, gangbang, orgy, BDSM, monster, and other types of fetiches for players to enjoy.
  • Reputation System: You either be known as good or bad around the game world. Being loved or feared will depend on your choices during your playthrough.

Please consider supporting the project on Patreon so we can keep on improving the game. For now, this is a side project but we want to make it our full-time job to deliver bigger and faster. Thank you in advance.

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