Town Girls [v0.0.0.0] By WindowsLogic Productions

WindowsLogic Productions Games released a new game called Town Girls and the version is The game’s story is about Choose whether to be a boy or girl, what you choose will affect the story path in various ways with differing text and actions. Your main goal is to get all of the girls in the town to like you so you can get pictures and steal their panties. You keep a draw full of girl’s pictures and panties back at your house which you can freely look at any time you want. You will achieve this goal by going on dates with the local town girls, asking them questions and being a “good person towards them”. You can date multiple girls at the same time and there’s no limit to which way you finish the game.​

Developer:WindowsLogic Productions
File Size:159.1 MB
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Game Version Changelog:


  • Initial Demo Release

Developer Notes:

  • Purchase the full game to get updates and extra features such as:-
  • 16 dateable characters (1 already available!)
  • During the dates you will be given mini-games to complete so you can complete the date.
  • Unlock and view photographs that girls give you in the gallery.
  • Head to the local public toilets to peak on girls. (Coming Soon!)
  • View your date progress in real-time using the notepad function (Coming Soon!)
  • Point & Click around various places you visit.
  • Hand-drawn assets made in Paint Tool SAI.
  • A beautiful soundtrack fully composed by us.

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