The Unpredictable [v0.36] By DeskWork

DeskWork Games released a new game called The Unpredictable and the version is 0.36. The game’s story is about The game is my first try to show life. The regular life…. A family is cursed by the father´s car accident. A wife, a teacher Sophie, with her two daughters and an almost paralyzed husband…. The name of the game is ” The Unpredictable “….. Why? Because life is Unpredictable…. Now we have to watch Sophie struggle… Moving to another city, establishing both herself and her family… Help her struggle to get her family successful and happy again. ​

File Size:1.41 GB
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • New render pictures
  • Sophia’s new quest
  • Alisa’s new quest
  • Emily’s new quest
  • Add hide text box button (CTRL)


  • New render pictures
  • Sophia’s new quest
  • Emily’s new quest
  • Alisa’s new quest

Developer Notes:

Hello guys….. This is an RPG Adult +18 game called ‘The Unpredictable’… This game is a visual novel with made with rpg maker. No combat is involved in this game. Yes…. There´s cheating involved…… Please… I would like everybody to enjoy my game without any drama in the thread… Constructive critisism very welcome Enjoy my game.

DISCLAIMER: The Unpredictable is a work of fiction. All character and places in this game are not related to the real world.

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