The Tormented Witches [Chp.2] By SilverHare Studios

SilverHare Studios Games released a new game called The Tormented Witches and the version is Chp.2. The game’s story is about A mysterious curse befalls the men of the ancient castle causing them to act so very ‘strangely’. Hermione and her companions (Ginny, Fleur and Luna) must investigate and try to overcome the curse before it’s too late! But be warned, they will be tormented at every turn by dark forces working in the shadows.​

Developer:SilverHare Studios
File Size:867.6 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v2.0 Release

  • 200 Renders
  • 6 Animations

Developer Notes:

My first game! I know it won’t be everyone’s piece of cake, but I do hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it!

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