The Shadows of Friendships [v0.4] By VERSTA GAMES

VERSTA Games released a new game called The Shadows of Friendships and the version is 0.4. The game’s story is about You put yourself in the shoes of a guy who works in a pub and has never been clear about his way of life. After a sentimental tragedy, he decides to start rebuilding himself. Among the shadows of his friendships, he will discover secrets and his true personality, in a world where the other characters also develop their attributes and compete with him.

It is a realistic story, or at least one that can happen within the margins of reality and personal experiences. Besides the typical components of an html game (attributes, images, videos) this first version is a “preview” of the idea of the game: mechanisms where other characters can interact with other characters and compete with the original player. The goal is to be dynamic, not only in relationships, but in the game environment. New characters can appear, new places can be created (including businesses), among other things. The game prioritizes programming and dynamism, so this first version represents the first advances, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

File Size:1.10 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:

PLEASE READ:This version 0.2 continues to develop the basics of autonomous characters – there are 10 new sex scenes, but the major development was in being able to have characters that grow on their own. This is necessary so that in the final versions, the player can choose different types of stories (business oriented, travel to another city, vacations with friends, ntr, domination, revenge, etc – many possibilities) and allow the game to continue to generate content on its own.

Gift system: Now both you and the other characters will be able to buy gifts to improve the relationship with women. These gifts require money, the same for you as for the NPCs. If the NPCs reach a lot of money, they will be able to buy her luxurious gifts, which would exponentially increase his relationship with them. But it’s hard to happen (yet) as you would need quite some time playing.

Money and grow system: When you come across, for example, Jason in the library, it means that he went to talk to some other character there, or that he went to increase his intelligence. This will eventually make them better and in some cases make them earn more money in their jobs. Luca and Isaac, in particular, have a daily income that depends on their popularity. Since Luca has a gym and Isaac has a hair salon, the more popular they are, the more customers and daily money they will earn.

Developer Notes:

The game is only two weeks old. It is an ambitious project and at first it is possible that not everyone will like it. But I will work hard on it and I hope to form some small community. I am willing to listen to any criticism, good or bad, to improve the game. Thanks!

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