The Sapphire Collar [Prologue] By Cheops’ Law Productions

Cheops’ Law Productions Games released a new game called The Sapphire Collar and the version is Prologue. The game’s story is about She cost you your job and your future. Now it is time for payback. (No Pregnancy, No Wincest)​

Developer:Cheops’ Law Productions
File Size:209.8 MB
OS:Windows, Linux
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Game Version Changelog:

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Welcome To those just finding us here: There’s nothing as exciting and as terrifying as the beginning of a new project, especially the first project in a new form. The project is an adult visual novel that will involve heavy BDSM elements combined with, I hope, good artwork and animation, engaging gameplay, and writing that isn’t stupid. The goal is to make it as immersive as we possibly can. At this time, we have an artist busy doing renderings, a script that gets us up to opening of the gameplay, and a programmer putting the whole thing together. The game is called The Sapphire Collar. We hope those of you with tastes similar to ours will come along for the ride, and be glad you did. All best, Konrad

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