The Rise of Vruk [v0.19] By KilljoyTRV

KilljoyTRV Games released a new game called The Rise of Vruk and the version is 0.19. The game’s story is about In The Rise of Vruk is a game you play a goblin who must recreate his clan to take revenge on the orcs that destroyed your entire race. This is done by turning human women into corrupted breeding stock.​

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The long awaited demo build WITH RENDERS!

Hi! My name is KilljoyTRV. I’m the one creating The Rise of Vruk. The game is inspired by the (now abandoned) game, A Goblin’s Tale. I love video games and this is my first time producing one!

The game will include: pregnancy and corruption (for more info please jump over to our discord! The Rise of Vruk) The game will be free to all, but I spend a lot of time on it and I would like to pay the artists working for me and upgrade my own pc components to make this game great. I hope you decide to support the project. Whether you decide to donate or not, I hope you enjoy the game!

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  1. Hi! I really enjoy this game! I hope you plan to continue it! There’s a lot more breeders..err… I mean ladies for Vruk to meet. 😉

    Also, I use Discord, but when I did a search for The Rise of Vruk I got nothing. I’d luv to get a link!

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