The Princess Diaries [v1.0 Regular] By Dumb Koala Games

Dumb Koala Games released a new game called The Princess Diaries and the version is 1.0 Regular. The game’s story is about Every little girl’s dream is to be a pretty princess living in a big castle filled with servants, banquets, and balls, and to be courted by handsome princes on white horses. The reality is much, much worse as Hazel is about to find out. Princes are not always handsome. Your needs are totally ignored. And you are closer to a slave than even the poor handmaidens. Join Hazel as the reality of coming of age as a princess catches up with her. But Hazel finds a glimmer of hope in her predicament from the most unlikely of sources, her sweet mom…​

Developer:Dumb Koala
File Size:513.8 MB
Version:1.0 Regular
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v1.0 Regular:

  • 308 renders (406 renders in the Special Edition)
  • 22 animations (28 animations in the SE)
  • 7 bonus images in the SE
  • 16 tracks and 19 sound effects

Developer Notes:

As you might have gathered, the game is focused on the lesbian action between Hazel and her mom. There’s an optional straight scene as well. Special Edition available to subscribers and on has an additional side story featuring Thandie and Fiona and their struggles in the royal palace… Consider supporting us and get more sexy content with Dumb Koala girls!

Game Images & Screenshots


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