The Lost Love [Ep. 5 U1] By SpeedPostX

SpeedPostX Games released a new game called The Lost Love and the version is Ep. 5 U1. The game’s story is about A story about violence, betrayal, lust, and of course… Love. You play as a guy in his late 30s. For the last 6 years, you have been living alone in your apartment building, away from your family. After a long time, you were able to open your heart to a few people, but there is still a big part of you that wants that old life back, which was stolen from you. But one day, someone from your past forces themself back into your life. With this person’s arrival, a series of events start happening. You can’t remove the hatred and anger that the past birthed inside your heart, but the future is in your hand. Will you treasure the people you love? Or will you drown yourself in the well of vengeance?

File Size:3.03 GB
Version:Ep. 5 U1
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
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Game Version Changelog:

Hi, guys. Happy New Year to you all, I hope this year brings you more happiness. This is the first update of episode 5, I stated in previous posts that episode 5 will be divided into smaller updates (750+ render small)

EPISODE 3 Final:

New renders= 740

  • 2. Scenes: 5 more scenes (Major and Minor).
  • 2.1 20000+ words.
  • 2.2 A scene with Sally the nurse.
  • 2.3 A scene showing Jennifer’s wild side.
  • 2.4 Introducing a new character Gael.
  • 2.5 The first look of Mellisa (Not a spelling mistake).
  • 2.6 A scene with Ashley in an arcade shop.
  • 2.7 Tried to write more and differently. Less like a web novel and more like a VN.
  • 2.8 Finally a sex scene.
  • 2.9 Changed Chloe’s scene

Developer Notes:

Different ‘pacing’ with different characters: I forget to add this point to the page last time. From now on you will see different pacing with different characters, which means you will see a few characters where we will take time and build their relationship and then move to the lewd stuff such as Asley, Maya, Jennifer, etc. But there will also be characters where the lewd stuff takes priority instead of their relationship building. such as Chloe and Sally. I think this will give a variety to the players.

Plot: At the start of the writing the story I wanted to make sure that the main plot of the story should not be always in the face of the player, and that the story does not need to remind the player to keep focusing on the main plot, instead let the main plot brewing in the background and it’s not always in the face of the player. Cause I have played a lot of games that kept their main plot always in the limelight never letting me forget about the main plot it’s not necessarily bad but the payoff of those stories was disappointing for me. That’s why I did this

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Xmas Special 22

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