The Legendary Cumblade of Princess Reina [v1.00] By dieselmine

dieselmine Games released a new game called The Legendary Cumblade of Princess Reina and the version is 1.00. The game’s story is about To defeat the demon king, Princess Reina embarks on a journey with a pornographic sword!? The information broker, the blacksmith, the toolmaker…… everyone has turned ecchi from a great evil! Eros is the key to victory!! Reina will rise by sex with the four heavenly kings and the demon king!? Her team, each with individual traits, also faces various ecchi perils… the stubborn royal knights, the devout nun, the wicked-tongued mage. Numerous sub-events! The noble princess and her party, were reduced to harlots!? Complete with special endings!​

File Size:790.8 MB
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Game Version Changelog:

Initial release

Developer Notes:

Finished the translation. Requires Locale Emulator or Japan region set on PC, due to voice acting is hidden and using Japanese file names. Proofread the story and most of the NPC dialogs, but on sex scenes (RP/CG) spent a little less time because of the amount of text and having all the moaning in the text, which made it much harder to translate. There could be some pronunciation mistakes like ‘you’ instead of ‘me’.


  • Translated Skill Names
  • Translated Spell Names
  • Translated Enemy/Troop Names
  • Translated NPC Names
  • Translated System attributes
  • Translated Item Names
  • Translated Weapons
  • Translated Armours
  • Translated States
  • Translated Map Names
  • Translated All NPC Dialogs within Castle/Town (Common Events)
  • Translated Chest’s Text
  • Translated Prologue
  • Translated First Interaction with Informant


  • Translated Menu’s Text
  • Translated Opening scene
  • Translated Main Character Names

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