The Half Hero Harem [Ch. 4] By Night

Night Games released a new game called The Half Hero Harem and the version is Ch. 4. The game’s story is about You and your childhood friend Red recently moved into a new apartment to try to live a peaceful and quiet life. One night not so long after they move in, they find themselves chatting normally in the living room. But to their surprise, their chances at a quiet life quickly fade as huge portals appear and slowly drag our protagonists into a new world they have never seen before. On the bright side, this world is FULL of EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE girls. On the other side, it’s also soon going to be destroyed by the fearsome god Zapaulo, who wants nothing more than the world to suffer because of his son’s absence. Will you be able to build a team capable of taking down this unbeatable enemy? Or will you spend all your time chatting up girls until the world ends? That’s up to you now, isn’t it?​

File Size:3.06 GB
Version:Ch. 4
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:

Ch. 4

  • Big Changes
  • One NEW girl join the roster this update, but it might seem like two if you haven’t been paying attention 
  • You can now REPLAY SCENES! Simpily go to the main menu and click “Scenes” to view any scene you have unlocked!
  • FOUR new Villains also get revealed in this chapter!
  • Andriod users rejoice! The andriod APK now supports a compressed verison of the game so you can use up WAY less space <3
  • Normal Content
  • 480+ images added
  • Over 50 unique animations added
  • Minor dialogue reworks for some of the earlier parts


  • Initial release

Developer Notes:

Hey! I’m Night. This is my first ever game “The Half Hero Harem”. I’m self-taught on how to use Ren’Py and all other things used in the game. Even some of the game’s music uses some of the songs I’ve personally made and recorded.

I hope to greatly expand on this game in the future and eventually be able to go on and make more games for everyone to enjoy. If you would like to get involved in the community or simply come ask me questions or give me feedback. I recommend joining the discord server I made for the game. If you want to see the game grow and get larger and faster updates, consider supporting me on my Patreon. Patreon also gives you access to dev posts, early access to game updates and so much more if you’re interested.

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