The Fiendish Tragedy of an Imprisoned and Impregnated Girl [Final] By Onichiku-ya!

Onichiku-ya! Games released a new game called The Fiendish Tragedy of an Imprisoned and Impregnated Girl and the version is Final. The game’s story is about This is a side story based on Fiendish Violation Quest. One girl Tana has left her village to find a cure for her mother’s illness but runs afoul of some especially cruel bandits. This game depicts the miserable life of a girl who became a sex slave. It is an experimental work about a hellish life without any glimmer of hope for the future. This work was developed as an extra game for the packaged version of Fiendish Violation Quest, but for various reasons, we have decided to sell it on DLsite. Please purchase this only if you are willing to support our circle in the future. We recommend this game for those who want to play a quick short story.​

File Size:1.58 GB
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Developer Notes:

[System] Gain favor with the men, or suffer the consequences. Different scenes will display if you don’t do very well, so if you’re here to fap, don’t try too hard!

[CG Info] Brown Sugar Nikke CGs: 14 main (including title image) with 60 variations Includes 2 repeats from Fiendish Violation Quest.

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