The Blades of Second Legion [v0.06b] By Archie Gold

Archie Gold Games released a new game called The Blades of Second Legion and the version is 0.06b. The game’s story is about It is the second of a five part series. Set in a fantasy world with swords, magic and beautiful women, the tale is a story of innocence lost in the face of war and the burden of duty. Will Skander rise or fall?​

Developer:Archie Gold
File Size:3.46 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:


  • 2nd Release, public release on Dec 17, 2022.
  • Advanced to mission 3
  • Palm, Fist and Ruin all have a couple scenes.

Developer Notes:

Hello, I am a hobbyist trying to make interesting games with erotic elements. I am currently working on The Blades of Second Legion. The game won’t have animations. The game someday may have music. But not anytime soon. The content is mine. I cannot please anyone other than myself. This game is going to have NTR and Harem. If you can’t deal, don’t play. I’m slow as fuck and will be making this and other games at my own pace. If you can throw a few dollars my way, I appreciate. If not, no big deal. If you like the game, please talk big about it somewhere.

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