The Big Score [v1.6.5] By Divanation

Divanation Games released a new game called The Big Score and the version is 1.6.5. The game’s story is about The Big Score is a femdom visual novel/dating sim game. You play as Jason a deadbeat college student who lives with his step mom. Jason rarley goes to class and bums around home all day playing video games and watching porn overall being a mooch. There is one goal he has in mind his “Big Score” getting the girl of his dreams Emma! His Life is about to have a sudden change though whether he likes it or not. He’s about to meet some lovley ladies who enjoy nothing more then to make his life a living hell. Will Jason manage to find true love or will he be overwelmed and defeated by the dominants!?​

File Size:331.0 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Lauren chapters 7 & 8 out
  • Route A and Route B are out
  • Minor adjustment with older art
  • New side character (hopefully the last)
  • Multiple endings (7 endings)


  • Comes with Becky’s chapter update
  • minor typo errors adjusted in older chapters
  • adjusted the linework of some older side characters’ artwork
  • adjusted minor bugs in older chapters
  • adjusted a minor graphic glitch when selecting one of Becky’s choices

Developer Notes:

The Big Score First Chapter Release is out! This is just the prologue of the game and I will be updating it monthly with story chapters, bugfixes, side stories, ui changes etc. The Big Score is a femdom visual novel/ dating sim game, where you get to be dominated and used by the main girls!

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