The Apex [v0.3] By WarmBeerProductions

WarmBeerProductions Games released a new game called The Apex and the version is 0.3. The game’s story is about is an NSFW story-focused Dating Sim/Visual Novel game set in a universe with superheroes and supervillains. You play as the grandson of the man who founded the T.F.H., an organization that fights supervillains with superheroes of their own. The story kicks off after the sudden death of your grandfather, which shook the city to its core, as you try your best to uncover the truth behind his mysterious death.

File Size:122 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:

This update continues the story right after you encounter with Steve, and it focuses more on building the main character’s hero persona while he learns more about Steve and his past altogether. You will get to meet a few new characters this update, some of them very sexy ;)

  • So many lines of dialogue and posing!
  • Reworked the dialogue system, where the player now gets small choices here and there to respond differently to situations
  • Added some cute and lewd scenes involving characters like Stacy and Aziel
  • Created 5 new character rigs including multiple different facial and arm expressions
  • Created 2 new special character rigs including multiple different facial expressions
  • Added 1 new animation including 3 different variants
  • Reworked various characters and rigs, updating them into the new rigging system
  • Reworked and improved various locations and buttons
  • Reworked the main menu, including a new intro video
  • Added a new screen when quitting the game
  • Changed the imaging format to use WEBP instead of PNG. The size now is significantly reduced (roughly 120 MBs) down from 1 GB

Developer Notes:

Who is working on the game?
At the moment, WarmBeerProductions is run by me, MrWarmBeer himself!(disgusting name, I know). I’m hoping to garner enough support to eventually expand my team, which means faster updates! If you are interested in the project and want to help, know that every dollar counts!

The current goal for the game is to create more for the game world and add more content, including new characters, events, scenes, and so much more!

The game is free and is planned to be so, but with your help, the updates will come SO MUCH faster as I can hopefully eventually work on the game full time, so join as early as you can and become part of this new project!

There is currently the 0.1 version of the game, which is meant to showcase the art style and some gameplay elements, along with some characters and world-building!

Planned features:

  • Unique storyline to each character
    World building (so much world building) including unique locations and secret areas, etc…
    Minigames and combat systems
    Scenes (you know the ones I’m talking about 
  • Dating system
  • Stat system that determine your character’s abilities
  • RPG aspects that shape your character’s personality

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