The Adventures of MICOCO [Final] By PantyParrot

PantyParrot Games released a new game called The Adventures of MICOCO and the version is Final. The game’s story is about One day, the adventurer Micoco discovered an assignment posted by a faraway village. The village leader needed someone to take care of the horde of monsters that had invaded their settlement. Micoco took on the assignment, not knowing she’d be biting off more than she could chew.​Demo
Initial Release

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  • Initial Release

Developer Notes:


Micoco’s adventures will consist of solving puzzles and fighting through battle events.Help her look for clues, piece together past events, and complete the assignment!

・Attack of the slimy tentacles!
Cunning tentacle monsters are hidden throughout the ruins, waiting to trap unsuspecting adventurers. Keep Micoco safe from their insidious traps!

・Terrible fates await those who fail!
Any slip-up could jeopardize the entire operation, exposing Micoco to the hungry, merciless tentacles. Turn back if you’re not ready to take on the consequences!

・Simple & captivating puzzles
・Cute illustrations and sticky tentacles
・A complete and compelling storyline

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