Tamara’s Exposure [v1.0  Remake] By Adorable Romaine

Adorable Romaine Games released a new game called Tamara’s Exposure and the version is 0.9 Remake. The game’s story is about Tamara accidentally exposing herself naked in public which led to an addiction to do it all the time. She and her friends have lots of fun…​

Developer:Adorable Romaine
File Size:1.13 GB
Version:1.0  Remake
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
game details

Game Version Changelog:


Version v0.5

  • N/A

Version 0.7.8

  • 1 more story
  • Location Forest
  • 75. More Camping

Developer Notes:

As the full version of the game is getting quite sizeable I only do a full version every 2nd release from now on. The quality difference is barely noticeable and probably not worth 10 times the size. I will also release update packages soon with new stories only which need to be copied in the game folder together with the updated scripts. I tried to package an automated update but it’s unfortunately not reliable enough to publish.

Game Images & Screenshots


Ch.2 v0.7.8 Compressed

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