Sully Project [Demo] By nickshutterad

nickshutterad Production released a new game called Sully Project and the version is Demo. The game’s story is about is sully project. Sully Project is a currently in-development visual novel for adults only, about an anxious man named Samuel Hart finally making the big leap: moving in with his soon-to-be-not-so-long-distance-anymore monster boyfriend, the big and friendly Sullivan.

The two try to make the most out of the time Sullivan has taken off from work before he has to go back to his regular schedule. Featuring no stakes and very little drama, Sully Project offers a relaxed, cozy experience with optional sexual content.​

File Size:85.33 MB
OS:Windows, Mac
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Developer Notes:

WHAT’S THE PROGRESS ON THIS? WHAT DOES THIS DEMO CONTAIN? This is a very early, rough draft of the first day (and the little bit of night that comes before). This demo features 13,000+ words, a good chunk of which are tucked away within choices the player can make. WHAT IS MISSING? The visual novel currently has no audio as I plan to work on this much later in development. There is at least one CG missing from Day 1. Ideally, two more days are available after the demo ends, at least tripling its current length. The second day is already fully drafted but is not in a readable state yet.

WHAT’S THE DEMO FOR? I am using this demo in its currently rough state to solicit feedback from readers. Nearly everything from characters to dialogue to the visuals is on the table to be changed or overhauled, and I felt like it was necessary to get some feedback before working on the visual novel further. Since I am working on this for a long period of time, honest opinions and constructive feedback are highly appreciated. Feedback received will determine the future of this project.

CONTENT WARNINGS? Sully Project does/will feature unavoidable nudity, sexual content, and light alcohol use. All pornographic scenes, however, are optional and can be skipped. The completed visual novel is planned to include optional scenes featuring bondage.

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