Sucker Punch: Meek to Onahole [v0.2.1.0] By Bent Shaft Studios

Bent Shaft Studios Games released a new game called Sucker Punch: Meek to Onahole and the version is The game’s story is about You Play as a Zack a casual guy that busted his ass to save his money so he can spend the summer in an apartment. However, a Girl you know decides to just drop by and play videogames all day and stays over without your permission. She’s shy but also cocky at the same, the kinda girl that’ll stutter and blush when she says “I hate you” for makin’ her look dumb. So what do you decide to do? Zack has an uncanny “ALPHA” ability where guys instinctively fear him, and girls can’t help but ovulate in front of him if they see his boner. You my friend are a hot blooded horny American. Your not some Japanese harem protagonist, if a girl wants to fuck you fuck!​

Developer:Bent Shaft Studios
File Size:113.7 MB
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Initial Release
  • Added New Walk and Idle Animations for Zack & Ashley
  • Added New Sound Effects
  • Added New Fonts and redid the speech Bubble
  • Added UI Sound Effects
  • Made the Main menu theme song fade in and out
  • Adjusted Bust Height
  • Added Clickable Social Media linksAdded Countdown Timer in the main menu for next update
  • Updated Version Number
  • Adjusted Cutscenes to not have any cutoff Dialogue
  • Added the 2nd Name of a Character being shown when its bust dialogue
  • Fixed Background Layering issue in Bathroom
  • Aligned speech bubbles to character when in normal dialogue
  • Fixed Player input issue when they start up the game
  • Several Visual Adjustments in Apartment
  • Integration of an Audio Manager

Developer Notes:

Sucker Punch: Meek to Onahole will be a Chapter based, Sandbox, Side Scroller/Visual Novel Hydrid with a ” HEAVY EMPHASIS” on Sex. HEAVY. If you were to speed run to get to the sex it’d take 1 minute probably to get laid. The main goal is earning points by having sex, getting new positions and having her be addicted to your FAT THROBBING WEINER…Aaaand getting to know the girl too.

There isn’t a way to beat the game, nor a proper way to unlock any cutscenes YET. Those are being worked on/implemented

~What This Will Feature~

  • Erotic/Dynamic and Progressional Dialogue
  • Select Your Relationship with Her
  • Fun Mini-games and Idle/Immersive Interactions
  • Sleek Persona 5 Inspired UI
  • Bouncy and Erotic Frame By Frame Animation
  • Humorous and Interesting Writing
  • Expressive and Bouncy Animations
  • Minimalist Sandbox Elements
  • Sloppy Sex Sound Effects
  • Cum Meter
  • Money System
  • Relationship System

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