Story [v0.3] By story_and_magic

story_and_magic Games released a new game called Story and the version is 0.3. The game’s story is about You will take in your hands the fate of a middle age guy who wasn’t very successful in this life. A strange event will change his life forever. He will find himself lost in another world. Searching his way back home, he will discover, explore and experience something beyond his imagination. Will you decide to stay in this new world and create a new home or find your way back?​

File Size:1.12 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
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Game Version Changelog:


  • Not available.


  • It is time to leave Unani and discover Bork.
  • Training fire magic
  • Uma sex
  • Maola sex
  • Meet Ria and hunt
  • Fishing with Gort
  • Make important decision about Unani (see walkthrough about consequences)
  • P.S. My proofreader/editor wasn’t available and I used someone else. If you find any grammar or spelling errors, please let me know and I will corrected.

Developer Notes:

1. World full with adventures, magic, creatures and sex. If you like them then you will like my game.
2. Heavily animated. I will not be able to create perfect animations at the beginning because I need your support to buy good machines for 3D.
3. Adult content will be fully under your control. It will have huge variety of sex. If you want it and how you want it, it will be up to you. No force sex or scene will be implemented. I will not create NTR content.
4. The story will have some sort of slavery but they are actors and fictional characters.
5. It will be visual novel game with small sandbox elements. You will discover new lands as you advance in the main story. Every place will have different type of civilization and you can choose to stay and build a home or move on to the next one. You can build home, have wife and children. Each place you discover will unlock the next one. Once the place is unlocked you will be able to re-visit it with small sandbox elements.

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