Stories Through Glass [EP.1 v0.2.b-A] By Sunsettdev

Sunsettdev Games released a new game called Stories Through Glass and the version is EP.1 v0.2.b-A. The game’s story is about defining the concept of breaking rules or strictly following everything that is imposed in life. In this world, you will have adventures, humor, sexuality, drugs and prostitution. In this chapter you control a young adult who has always had a very difficult life, surrounded by sadness and pain. You as the controller hold the key to show a life of happiness or destruction. All this is watered down with a lot of sex and humor. ​

File Size:904.3 MB
Version:EP.1 v0.2.b-A
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • New content added, new areas added and bugs removed from the beta version.


  • Initial release.

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