Star Hunt [v0.2] By WitchBeast

WitchBeast Games released a new game called Star Hunt and the version is 0.2. The game’s story is about The galaxy is suffering from war. An evil mutant race has declared war on the intergalactic government and all intelligent species. Lana, an artificially bred super soldier, is sent on a mission to collect rare alien creatures in order to study them and develop biological weapons against the invaders. Save the galaxy from enslavement.​

File Size:726 MB
OS:Windows, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Cleared the file system from resources that are no longer used in the game.
  • Fixed issues with a couple of videos not displaying properly.
  • Both planets and space combat now have a control guide at the start.
  • Buttons E and Q change the speed of sex during scenes on the ship.
  • Added a second planet and a new creature from it.
  • The save system is completed and working.
  • Reworked the beat-up mechanics of the game from scratch.
  • Rebuilt the scene player from scratch. You open console in the Lab, select creature with mouse and you will see all available video scenes with it.

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