SpunkStock Music Festival [v0.16.4] By Regulus

Regulus Games released a new game called SpunkStock Music Festival and the version is 0.16.4. The game’s story is about It is a rhythm game with unique characters and catchy songs.​

File Size:1.22 GB
OS:Windows, Linux
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • N/A


  • Boss: Samga
  • New Extra Scene: Toto alt scene


  • Toto can now be invited to your tent.
  • Home Tent Fast Travel.
  • End screen to demo
  • New sneak peeks.
  • Inside of Samga’s Tent
  • Samga’s Boss is considered her “Endurance”
  • Added a “Performance Mode”. This set animations on low priority, removing bone physics, and greatly reducing frame rate in animations. This will hopefully help those who may be experiencing lag spikes in the notes.

Bug fixes:

  • Certain in-session variables reset when returning to the main menu.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause going out of bounds in Campsite
  • Made a change that will hopefully prevent Nitros from causing a miss in some instance

Developer Notes:

The current build is focused around Toto, and various QoL changes. The shop system has character Pin-ups and even sneak peeks at our v0.4 character, Yoni! Support would be greatly appreciated! Patrons will have access to the next build of the game up to a month early. Come check us out


Currently, the game is supported by both solo mouse and/or solo keyboard play (Or both you so want.)

  • >Mouse:
  • Left-Click = Move, Confirm
  • Right-Click = Interact/Talk.
  • >Keyboard:
  • Arrow Keys = Move
  • Z = Confirm
  • X = Interact/Talk.
  • Space/Esc = Pause/Menu.

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