Soulcreek [v0.6] By Ryuo

Ryuo Games released a new game called Soulcreek and the version is 0.6. The game’s story is about Welcome to Illayla; one thousand years after the collapse of contemporary society! What happened? No one knows. The human race? Gone. Centuries later, the last surviving human is found with no memory, no past, and a sprightly AI in his head that doesn’t know the difference between humans and computers. This post-apocalyptic future consists of sparse, primitive tribes that cling to scavenged remnants of revered technology.

Their lives are made hazardous by the lethal Blackzones; swathes of abandoned, bountiful lands that are infested with ominous machine-creatures called ‘Demons’. Only the illusive Blackrunners, a sect of deft survivalists, know how to navigate the Black zones and plunder them for precious Salvage in the name of their clan’s prosperity. Together with the temperamental husky Loken, the last human must train to become the newest Blackrunner and discover the mysteries of the Black zones, the incomprehensible creatures stalking them, and the contentious question of his own origin.​

Developer: Ryuo
File Size:352.1 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
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Developer Notes:

Story and Code by Ryuo Character sprites by Danielleclaire Edited by Kopten Owl and Sam

Soulcreek is a sci-fi/romance FVN intended to be released in instalments. It features a human male protagonist with a changeable name and a single m/m love interest. Choices may alter dialogue or relationship dynamics, but are mostly used for roleplaying purposes and have no major consequential effects on the story. There will be a single ending. Adult content can be toggled on or off in the main menu. Soulcreek occasionally uses soundscapes to support the narrative. For the best experience, keep the sound effects volume turned on! There’s no update schedule for the project as this is entirely a non-commercial passion project, however I will aim for an update every three months! If you wish to follow the development of project or get in touch with me, the best way is on twitter! You can also join the discord server here!

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