Snow Moon Flower [Final] By Rejust

Rejust Games released a new game called Snow Moon Flower and the version is Final. The game’s story is A Generic RPG game about Fucking Bitches and Slapping fools with your sick martial arts skills. Much like Shenmue, but with fewer sailors. The world of Wuxia is called Jianghu, and the area of Wuxia is called Wulin. The main character, Ryusei, is an up-and-coming Wuxia and is highly regarded even by Senpou Sect he belongs to. The story begins with Ryusei protecting a girl named Hiiro who has escaped from the evil sect. His master Rinme, his sister-apprentice Satsuki, and Hiiro. Spending his days training with these 3 heroines, Ryusei participates in the Martial Arts Meeting to test his skills.

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