Secrets of the Bastion [v0.6d] By Impy

Impy Games released a new game called Secrets of the Bastion and the version is 0.6d. The game’s story is about Managing the schedule of your team as you explore the rooms in a derelict keep Most erotic events in this game are of either NTR or voyeuristic nature.

File Size:74.8 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:

-V6 Changelog-
New Content

  • 10 Endings.
  • 5 Night events.
  • 6 temptation events (3 with large illustrations).
  • 19 minor (work related) events.
  • Boss card battle against Celine.
  • 2 start of game boosters.
  • New start of game deck.
  • Additional card battle dialogue.
  • 1 (non-collectible) card.
  • Various art and text related additions and adjustments.

Balance Changes

  • Rooms now start at level 1.
  • Increased tension in most rooms, all activities now raise tension.
  • Joining the dolls has a lower stress penalty but requires more lewdness.
  • An additional 0.1 lust is gained for every 0.2 points of permanent lewdness every night.
  • The audit introduction cutscene will now play at the end of the first day, it does not have any cost or penalty.
  • You can no longer open new doors on the first day.
  • Dungeon encounters will not scale past level 10.
  • Night talk action was changed to -3 stress with no effect on lust.
  • Various card effect and room action balance changes.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Added game screen display options.
  • Bad ending will also now give you stars for mood and wealth.
  • Reduced the cost of various boosters and reduced the extra price for upgrades from 3000 to 2000.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that allowed the dungeon to be accessed at night.
  • Fixed a bug where negotiating could prevent a game over.


  • A new dungeon encounter.
  • New event with large illustration.
  • 8 new cards, 6 are collectible.
  • Many rebalancing changes to older cards.
  • Card battles now show the encounter level and the opponent’s total remaining strength.
  • Various sprite and dialogue adjustments.
  • Fixed a bug where card costs were subtracted after the effect.

Developer Notes:


  • Left mouse button controls all actions
  • In the schedule menu, click on the portrait of an agent and a map location to begin assigning tasks. Drag the sun to change time.
  • Click the scroll with the “i” on it for extended help

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