Second Chance Romance [Chapter 1] By J-Cup

J-Cup Games released a new game called Second Chance Romance and the version is Chapter 1. The game’s story is about Middle-aged man that seems to have everything – successful career, beautiful wife and a wonderful family – loses all of it in an instant and decides to change his whole life and start-over.​

File Size:324.8 MB
Version:Chapter 1
OS:Windows, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:

Chapter 1

  • Initial Release

Developer Notes:

I have just recently released finished first chapter of my visual novel / dating simulation game called “Second Chance Romance”.
The game itself is probably closest to the well-known Summertime Saga, although my game has completely different plot, characters, locations…etc. Also it is implemented using JavaScript with my own custom framework and packaged as standalone application using ElectronJS.

It is not typical Visual Novel, since I am not limited by the constraints of RenPy or other framework. This first chapter already has a minigame that is custom made and I plan to include more minigames and complex dating simulation logic and randomness to the game, so it will be more interesting and everyone will have – to a degree – unique experience playing it.

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