Return to Li World – 重回哩世界 [Final] By PPGamei

PPGamei Games released a new game called Return to Li World – 重回哩世界 and the version is Final. The game’s story is about to LI World” is a humorous PRG round combat game with funny elements. In the game, you need to look for your own suitable teammates with girl QiQI. Through severe hammer, you will gradually turn from small mercenary to top mercenary on the mainland, buy own house to make delicious cooking, forge iron, create powerful equipment, talk with girls and realize their dreams to for their favors. However, it’s not easy to get their favors, as you are not good enough with current state!So, improve your power to combat with monsters and become the strongest man in the LI world!​

File Size:1.90 GB
game details

Developer Notes:

Game features

  • Four heroines – each heroine has her own special background story and unknown secret, just explore their inner secret, open their heart and their will be different endings for you to discover.

Turn-based combat

  • With simple operation, players can fully think about matching role and combine skills with teammates.
  • Rich interpersonal relationships
  • Through interaction with npc, enhance emotional base for various benefits. Different conversations affect task course, earning and rare items.
  • process, income and rare items.

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