Recorded Temptation [v0.20] By TigerMonkeyGames

TigerMonkey Games released a new game called Recorded Temptation and the version is 0.20. The game’s story is about You’re playing yourself. You live together with your girlfriend, who gave you a job at the same firm she works for. Your job is to install cameras. The job seems too good to be true, especially the many girls that work around you and tease you along the way. And don’t forget the opportunities that are available while installing security cams. Especially if you have someone to hack them ; ) The only thing that keeps you from being happy are the suspicious circumstances that happen around your new workplace… There is NO NTR and there will is NO NTR planned in the future Read Developer Notes for further information

File Size:1.53 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 379 new Images
  • 13 new Animations
  • 8400 words
  • (a single playthrough has ~ 4200 words. Every route together has ~8400 words)
  • continuation of the main storyline
  • pick a outfit for Madison
  • a lenghty scene with your picked outfit with many scene variations and more choices.
  • new minor character
  • GF is gone for now and the MC is finally free


  • 222 new Images
  • 4 new Animations
  • 4500 words
  • continuation of the main storyline
  • new titlescreen
  • censored protagonists ass in the intro scene (because it might get us in trouble in the future(Monster Logo got censored))
  • fixed some spelling/grammar mistakes
  • compressed the game (this only affects the size of the game, not the quality)

Developer Notes:

The story is roughly finished and we have to say that we couldn’t find a way to include NTR.

Originally, it was planned to include a small side-story. But we decided against it, because we think it would hurt the flow of the game too much and it isn’t the way we want to tell the story. We’re sorry if we upset anyone with this. There has to be a certain passion for a particular fetish (in this case NTR) to write/design it in a proper way (to feel happy about it) and we personally think that we can’t give NTR justice in that regard.

The main themes are “Exhibitionism, Voyeurism and Corruption”.

The first few scenes are really rough and awkward to play, but try to play it to the end. I promise the scenes will get better!

We know we aren’t perfect, so if something is bugging you, got any advice or simply want to correct a mistake (english isn’t our native language), feel free to do so. We highly appreciate any kind of advice!

Game Images & Screenshots


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