Reclusive Bay [v1.0] By Sacred Sage

Sage Games released a new game called Reclusive Bay and the version is 1.0. The game’s story is about You having no memory at the start of the game, and knowing nothing of the town that you live in. Early on you find out that you were in a car wreck with your father. You pulled through after an eight-month coma. However, your father didn’t get as lucky. Cliche I know, bare with me though. In his will, he left you the house, and a starting business called the Royal, a restaurant. Reclusive Bay is a ghost town by all comparisons, and off the beaten path for sure.

The nearest town is two hours away. It is used only as an escape for those that don’t want to be found, or those that want to party. As the story progresses you will learn bits, and pieces about your past memory. Also finding out that your accident wasn’t by mere chance. Along your journey through this sandbox story driven VN you will meet beautiful women that will help you. There is something strange going on in Reclusive Bay as you progress the story you will find out this town’s dark secrets, and the people that still live there. What could it possibly be?

Reclusive Bay may hit on touchy subjects throughout your gameplay. Anything from violence, blood, bruises, drug use, and more so be aware of this heading into the game. If you are sensitive about these subjects this is your warning before you embark on your journey. Every choice in the game will affect something. Mostly dealing with the relationship with that particular girl you are in a scene with. Sometimes it might be added scenes, or maybe dialog flavor. There are quite a few hidden choices in Reclusive Bay that you can’t see unless your relationship stat is high enough with that character, and don’t worry, you won’t be tied down to just one girl in Reclusive Bay.

Reclusive Bay is free roam sandbox. Once you get past the tutorial encounters can happen anywhere which are important to building up your relationship score and suggestion levels. There are currently 7 different love interests in the Reclusive Bay . Any donations or pledges goes back into what I’m creating and thank you in advance for all the support to make this possible. Just in case it is missed in the DEV Log… There will be NO NTR. However, lewd scenes with multiple women will be available in the future with the options to skip it.

File Size:4.06 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added Reclusive Bay ending
  • My new project will be announced soon


  • SMALL UPDATE here, the next update will have the ending so stay tuned!
  • Added a 30 RS repeatable for Eve (36 renders, 10 animations)
  • Added a 30 RS repeatable for Summer (37 renders 5 animations)
  • Added a 30 RS repeatable for Leah (31 renders 5 animations)


  • Remade threesome with vivian 70 images 5 animations
  • New Main Story scene cascade’s big choice
    New Main Story scene the outcome
    New Main Story scene leave town
  • Added Eve’s 10 SL Repeatable
    Added Leah’s 10 SL Repeatable
    Added Summer’s 10 SL Repeatable


  • Remade Leah Begins to Understand
  • Made a new side scene for Leah leah says thank you
  • Made a new main story scene spreading the word
  • Made a new main story scene spilling the beans
  • Made a new main story scene park speech
  • Fixed a typo error in Lilys night scene

Developer Notes:

If you have a glitch with the new quest system that was implemented. The common area’s where people get stuck will be listed below. all you have to do is press SHIFT + O to open the console up and then type the command where you are stuck. You will have to replay through the scenes you probably already seen, but it will get you squared away.

if you are stuck on the hint:

  • “Marcus looks deep in thought. Go talk to him. Then to talk to Eve at the station” — jump talk_to_marcus_about_eve
  • ‘I should talk to Eve, and let her know I am about to talk to Vivian’ in Eve’s questline — jump setting_up_for_threesome
  • “Head to Cuppa Joe, and ask Leah if she wants to study” in Leah story — jump leah_goes_to_study
  • “I should talk to Eve. She clearly wants to ask me something.” — jump eve_asks_about_visiting_vivian

if you have the hint Go talk to the guy by Lily in The Royal” in Marcus questline and cant complete it. It is because you rejected him in an earlier update. Use this to complete all his quests again. quests_handler.quests[‘marcus’].finish()

If you purchased the upgrades to the house before patch 0.22, they will have to be repurchased because of a failed migration when I split the pool upgrade from 10k to 3 separate area prices of 4k, 3k, 3k. There is an icon on the PC that gives you money. Once purchased everything will be back on track.

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