Rags to riches [Reboot v0.3] By Sinichi, Tylerdipres

Sinichi, Tylerdipres Games released a new game called Rags to riches and the version is Reboot v0.3. The game’s story is about Welcome to rags to riches.You play as a vengeful character who has teamed up with a ghost to hunt down those who have wronged her. Anyway this originally started out as a test run learning to write around game engines but we reckon the story here is interesting enough for release Current game state: Alpha next update coming very soon.

Developer:Sinichi, Tylerdipres
File Size:538 MB
Version:Reboot v0.3
game details

Game Version Changelog:

For the first update we intend to fill up the world we have created.For various reasons locations have had their places in the story changed and our writer forgot to account for that with dialogue,First update will resolve that issue

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