Path to Paradise [v1.00 R] By DiaZis

DiaZis Games released a new game called Path to Paradise and the version is 1.00 R. The game’s story is about The story of an ordinary guy. His life completely changed when he turned 18 years old.​

File Size:1.95 GB
Version:1.00 R
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:

v1.00 R

  • Added:
  • Added 4 endings; (Depends of county of girls on harem)
  • Added 1 new character; (Meet her random on street)
  • Added 1 new location;
  • Bunch of small things
  • Fixed:
  • Fixed bug with Annabel;
  • Fixed bug with principal;
  • Fixed bug in Ariella room;
  • Bunch of small bugs that I could find.

v0.99 R


  • Changed all characters’ portraits;
  • Changed resolution of Contacts menu;
  • Changed a few maps: “Restaurant”, “Ivy’s gang hideout” “Lawson’s mansion” “Silverman’s mansion” “Brothel” so now could exit from it on streets;
  • Added living room on Readhert’s mansion map;
  • Added bathroom to Amber’s mansion;
  • Added bathroom to Redheart’s mansion;
  • Added bathroom to Silverman’s mansion;
  • Added bathroom to Ivy’s gang hideout;
  • Added shower room to School;
  • Ash and Reagan now have personal rooms, also in their house added bathroom; Added bathroom to Restaurant;
  • Slightly changed size of UI;
  • Some questlines of characters are reworked to finish it more quickly;
  • Changed 78 wallpapers;
  • Changed 174 videos;
  • Changed 19 outfits for some characters.
  • New stuff:
  • New chapter – Mayor; (Start at Monday if you have at least 80 girls in harem);
  • Added new locations;(Mayor’s mansion);
  • Added 5 new characters;
  • All characters now have bath event;
  • Added new outfit to Mary;
  • Added new outfit to Zara;
  • Added new outfit to Lauren;
  • Added new outfit to Michele;
  • Added new outfit to Moriah;
  • Added new outfit to Annabel;
  • Added new outfit to Lulu;
  • Added “Titjob” to Eliza.
  • Fixed;
  • Fixed bug with wrong sizes of location on mini map;
  • Fixed bug with flashing line, on Bank and Dean’s mansion;
  • Fixed bug with Joanna’s doesn’t working videos;
  • Bunch of small bugs that I could find.

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