Paradise Of Desire [Final] By YLSGame

YLSGame Games released a new game called Paradise Of Desire and the version is Final. The game’s story is about Desire Land is an adventure game with shooting and multiple endings. One day, the world as I know it changed… It started with the quiet disappearance of some rare species, rumors that pyramids have always stood upside down, Mayan prophecies that never came true, and so on. But then it is more and more strange, the same person in different dates dies twice, the history of humans flying out of the earth is rewritten so that even my existence is also erased by the world…… Until a haloed, winged, handcuffed girl appeared before me, asking for milk. While calling himself “God.” And so the adventure began.​

File Size:1.33 GB
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Developer Notes:

Game Features
❤5 female protagonists all voiced in Japanese

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