Nursery Dimension [Final] By Mikotoshido

Mikotoshido Games released a new game called Nursery Dimension and the version is Final. The game’s story is about This work sells hard situations such as tentacles that mainly focus on heterogeneous rape An exploratory 2D side-scrolling action RPG. It is an action game packed with familiar elements in this circle, such as a system that allows you to easily see the H scene without game over, such as chest / stomach size changes and liquid differences .​

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Game Version Changelog:


  • Change the upper limit value reflected in the chest size and belly size graphics (100 → 200)
  • Added a setting item for the size upper limit to be reflected in graphics to the configuration screen (maximum 200 in increments of 25)
  • Adjusted the display of the chest size and belly size gauges on the left side of the screen to synchronize with the maximum size setting.
  • Adjusted so that the graphics change when certain enemies are parasitic on the chest and womb (normal motion only)
  • Added parasitic time difference display switching item to the configuration screen
  • Estrus motion (standing, crouching motion only) added (estrus value 100 or more)
  • Adjusted so that a heart mark appears in the eyes when in estrus (estrus value 100 or more) (all motions where the eyes can be seen)
  • Added an item to switch between additional motions and additional differences when in heat to the configuration screen.
  • Fixed other bugs found

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