NTR University [Final] By Circle HO

Circle HO Games released a new game called NTR University and the version is Final. The game’s story is about My girlfriend enrolled at a strange college nicknamed NTR University. The plot thickens! I found the perfect girlfriend. She is cute, shy, and a full-blooded otaku, just like me. Recently, however, she left our hometown to enroll at the National Technical Research (NTR) University. Now we must face the challenges of a long-term relationship for the first time.​

Developer:Circle HO
File Size:287.8 MB
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Developer Notes:

“Why is she with that man…?”

  • ” Why does it seem like she is being trained by him..?”
  • ” Why are they having sex routinely while she wears the cosplay of her favorite character..?”
  • They must be forcing her to this.
  • There is no way Alice would do this on her own. Unless..?” The innocence of youth dies hard, and the tale of a woman rises from it’s ashes.

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