Nettle pain [Final] By Agunosutosu

Agunosutosu Games released a new game called Nettle pain and the version is Final. The game’s story is about Play as Fergus, a young man striving to become a hero and heir of the town’s dojo. Life seems good for Fergus, as the dojo’s current master is the father of his childhood friend Makia – who seems to share his feelings, being very affectionate and supportive of our MC.

However, that’s soon changed by the arrival of Pilgas – a former childhood friend of Fergus and Makia and was the dojo’s best pupil up until his disappearance in an undisclosed incident. Now that he’s returned, he demands the dojo for himself, a claim that only Fergus can deny by beating Pilgas in a personal duel. As such, it is up to the MC to save the dojo and keep his girl.

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