Naughty Sandbox 2 [v1.6] By Naughty Sandbox

Naughty Sandbox Games released a new game called Naughty Sandbox 2 and the version is 1.6. The game’s story is about lets you create erotic scenes with unnacceptably huge toys, spanking, penetration in all holes, and extreme cumshots. Customize your characters with the in-game character customizer and body paint system, and then lewd them to your heart’s content. Create dick girls, furry girls, thicc girls, or petit girls with physics simulated breasts and penis, and full body jiggle-physics.​

Developer:Naughty Sandbox
File Size:1.76 GB
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Developer Notes:

Naughty Sandbox 2 is Free to Play with limited content while in Beta / Prototype. Support the project to access the full suite of lewd equipment:

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